Kengo Kito: Multiple Star I
March 11 (Saturday) - June 25 (Sunday), 2017
Contemporary Art Gallery A

Hara Museum ARC is delighted to present "Kengo Kito: Multiple Star", a 10-month long exhibition that will run for the duration of the year. The exhibition will be divided into three seasonal parts and featuring a completely different large-scale installation created on-site by the artist as its centerpiece.

For "Kengo Kito: Multiple Star I", the first installment, Kito will create an installation consisting of hula-hoops, a material the artist has been working with for many years. The installation will occupy the entire space of the pyramid-shaped Gallery A, the museum's main contemporary art gallery featuring a ceiling height of 13 meters and natural illumination from a skylight. In tune with the spirit of spring, Kito's energetic and colorful installation will celebrate the joyful reawakening of life.

Reflecting the tri-part nature of the exhibition, the title "multiple star" refers to three or more stars that appear to be close to each other when viewed from the Earth. The large-scale installations by the Kito, who turns 40 this year, will exemplify the vivid, free-spirited brilliance of Kito's imagination and are sure to captivate all who view them, like the stars that sparkle in the night sky.

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The Cosmic Eye: Selections from the Hara Museum Collection
March 11 (Saturday) - June 25 (Sunday), 2017
Contemporary Art Galleries B and C

Humans have gazed upon the heavens since ancient times. Not only were they an object of scientific observation that began with their use to predict the weather and determine direction, but when connected with invisible lines, they became constellations and the source of myths, including the tennyo, or celestial maidens of Japan. In contrast to the "macrocosm" or "large cosmos, there is the "microcosm" or "small cosmos," of which we humans are a part. This exhibition showcases artists who, drawing on deep reservoirs of imagination and creativity, produce works that encompass the infinitely expanding macrocosm and the myriad phenomena and deep inner world of the microcosm.

Participating Artists
Robert Mapplethorpe / Robert Rauschenberg / Yayoi Kusama / Kazz Sasaguchi / Tokihiro Sato / Hiroshi Sugimoto / Tabaimo / Tadanori Yokoo / Tomoko Yoneda and others


SHOP@CAFE Imaginary Landscapes: The Textiles of AKA+H
March 24 (Friday) - June 25 (Sunday), 2017
Venue: Cafe d'Art at Hara Museum ARC

SHOP@CAFE is a continuing series of small exhibits that introduces high-quality artworks and goods for sale under the catchphrase "Living Art."
This spring, we are showcasing the textile paintings and small objects of AKA+H, a collaborative duo consisting of textile creator and project designer.
Through the unique textile works of their fantasy-laced world, we are invited to travel to imaginary places literally filled with the fragmented memories of street scenes, plants, animals and objects.

This two-artist collaboration have been producing textile designs and various goods since 1999. Under the concept of "art for daily life," they create textiles printed with a variety of sketches that make them look like paintings and objects designed as embellishments to daily life.
Photo: The imaginary castle 2016 cAKA+H

Hours: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (last entry at 4:00 pm)
Closed: Thursday (except March 30 and May 4)
Admission: General 1,100 yen, Students 700 yen (high school and university) or 500 yen (elementary and junior high)
*Please note that entry to the cafe requires museum admission, which allows you to enjoy the current exhibitions as well.

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