Kengo Kito: Multiple Star II
July 1 (Saturday) - September 10 (Sunday), 2017
Contemporary Art Gallery A

Hara Museum ARC is delighted to present Kengo Kito: Multiple Star Part II, the second installment of a 10-month exhibition in Gallery A. In Part I, Kito unveiled an installation comprising 1,300 hula hoops, a favorite motif of the artist, which filled the large space with color and liveliness. Part II will showcase new artworks that include a number of large-scale flat pieces and a ceiling-hung assemblage made of net and string. This array of works represents an ambitous exploration by the artist of the relationship between line, color and space, and may also be seen as a harbinger of the works to come in Part III.

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Adventures in Color and Shape - Selections from the Hara Museum Collection
July 1 (Saturday) - September 10 (Sunday), 2017
Contemporary Art Galleries B and C

To portray a subject realistically may not be the aim of the contemporary artist. It might be instead to express a message or an image in his or her mind, or to turn the invisible or intangible into a form that can be touched. To do this inevitably involves repeated experimentation, challenges and adventures in the realm of color and form.
This exhibition places a spotlight on the use of color and form to express a variety of thoughts and feelings: fury towards the absolute violence of war and terrorism, the wish for peace, awe towards nature, the desire to pay homage to artistic legacies, joyous life and heart-palpitating love.

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Echoes of the Line
[Part I] July 1 (Saturday) - 26 (Wednesday), 2017
[Part II] July 28 (Friday) - September 10 (Sunday), 2017
Kankai Pavilion (Traditional East Asian Art)

The line is fundamental to all pictorial expression. Lines can vary in texture and thickness according to the force and speed of the artist's hand. Every drawing starts with the laying down of a single line. But expression is not limited to outlines. Form can be expressed by planes, negative space and other pictorial methods. Color adds unlimited possibilities, while a multitude of perspectives are yielded by a change in viewing angle. This exhibition puts a focus on the rich treatment of line and pictorial space across cultural and temporal boundaries.

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SHOP@CAFE Jewelry Forest: From Natural to Pop by NOBORU SHIONOYA
July 7 (Friday) - September 10 (Sunday), 2017
Venue: Cafe d'Art at Hara Museum ARC

SHOP@CAFE is a continuing series of small exhibits that showcase popular and trendy goods under the catchphrase "Living with Art." This summer, we are showcasing the work of Noboru Shionoya, a jewelry artist who has won high acclaim in the worlds of the theater, cinema and fashion.
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Let's Make Art Fans!
August 5 (Saturday), 6 (Sunday), 19 (Saturday) and 20 (Sunday)
10:30 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm (approximately 40 minutes per session)
Fee: 540 yen

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