Contemporary Art Galleries A, B and C
Stop and Go
June 30 (Saturday) - September 30 (Sunday), 2018

Sometime during the middle of the 20th century, Jean Tinguely began using waste materials and everyday items to create sculptural machines that moved, eventually becoming one of the leading proponents of kinetic art. Since ancient times, because of our constant proximity to light, wind, water and other elements of nature, we humans have continued to explore the nature of our senses and applied the power of our imaginations to endlessly represent the two diametric poles of movement and stillness. In this show, we exemplify these two themes with selected artworks by Tinguely and other artists in the Hara Museum Collection. We also feature an ambitious new work by Taro Izumi that was a focus of much attention at his solo show in Paris last year. Talking paintings, moving sculptures, videos that are stopped--we invite you to come see the rich variety of contemporary art expression on the theme of "stop" and "go".

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Kankai Pavilion
Dynamism and Stillness
Part I: June 30 (Saturday) - August 23 (Thursday), 2018
Part II: August 24 (Friday) - September 30 (Sunday), 2018

Over the ages, in both the East and the West, artists have sought out ways to express the illusion of movement or stillness. Even in the most immobile of presentations like paintings and sculptures, we can feel a sense of dynamism and speed, or conversely, a feeling of "stillness" heightened by that very same immobility. This show examines the masterful use of brush, compostion and negative space to express the two qualities of dynamism and stillness through selected works of traditional Japanese art from the Hara Rokuro Collection. A variety of perspectives are included, from painterly representations of landscape, human figures and animals to the flowing, expressive line of the calligrapher's brush.

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SHOP@CAFE monyochita pomichi "hello hello konnichiwa"
August 2 (Thursday) - September 30 (Sunday), 2018
Venue: Cafe d'Art at Hara Museum ARC

SHOP@CAFE is a regular event that introduces artworks and goods under the catchphrase "Living with Art." This summer, for the seventh installment of the series, some 20 colorful, pop-style works will be on offer by monyochihta pomichi, an artist who resides in Kiryu, Gunma prefecture.

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Art is Fun!
August 11 (Saturday), we (Sunday), 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday), 2018
Time: Five sessions at 10:30, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 (each approx. 40 min. long)
Number of participants: 20 per session.
Participation fee: 540 yen
In this workshop, participants will make Uchiwa paper fans with washi paper.

*Museum admission will be required for the events.
*For reservations for the events, please write to Hara Museum ARC at arc@haramuseum.or.jp

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