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Contemporary Art Galleries A, B and C
Art on the Road - Three Traveling Exhibitions from the Hara Museum
March 10 (Saturday) - June 24 (Sunday), 2018

This exhibition looks back on three seminal traveling exhibitions organized by and held at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. These exhibitions, Primal Spirit - Ten Contemporary Janapese Sculptors (1990-1991), Photography and Beyond in Japan; Space, Time and Memory (1994-1997) and Shiro Kuramata 1934-1991 (1996-1999) were large-scale projects intended to introduce to the wider world cutting-edge expression by Japanese artists in the areas of sculpture, photography and design, respectively. By showing selected works from each of these projects, this exhibition seeks to shine a spotlight on the artworks themselves and their position and impact within the art world.

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Kankai Pavilion
The Power of Ink - Kano School Partition Paintings
Part I: March 10 (Saturday) - April 27 (Wednesday), 2018
Part II: April 27 (Friday) - June 24 (Sunday), 2018

The Kano was the largest school of painting in Japanese history. It dominated Japanese painting for 400 years, from the Muromachi era to the Edo era. In the Hara Rokuro Collection is a series of hanging scroll paintings by Kano school artists collectively referred to as Paintings used for wallpaper and fusuma (Japanese sliding door) at Nikko-in Mifidera Temple. These works were originally partition paintings (shohekiga) that decorated the Nikko-in guest hall at Mi'idera (Onjoji) Temple in Shiga prefecture, the site of the Mii no Bansho (evening bell at Mi'idera Temple), one of the famed Eight Views of Omi (Omi Hakkei).

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