Contemporary Art Gallery A
Kengo Kito: Multiple Star III
September 16 (Saturday), 2017 - January 8 (Monday, national holiday), 2018

As the third and last part of this approximately 10-month-long exhibition, Hara Museum ARC is delighted to present Kengo Kito: Multiple Star III. In Part I, Kito unveiled a large-scale installation composed of 1,300 hula hoops, filling the vast gallery space with color and liveliness. For Part II, Kito captivated viewers with mostly new, energetic works that imbued the exhibition space with a special kind of tension.

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Contemporary Art Galleries B and C
Layered Forms - Selections from the Hara Museum Collection
September 16 (Saturday), 2017 - January 8 (Monday, national holiday), 2018

The keyword behind the works from the Hara Museum Collection featured in this exhibition is "layer," a reference not only to a work's structural aspect, but also to the idea of "layers of meaning." In his assemblage of stacked portraits, Christian Boltanski has created an altar with each young girlfs face a metaphor for a memory of life and death. Lee Ufan's work is comprised of a repeating pattern of dark, fading lines against white negative space. In Yoshitomo Nara's work, we sense both hope and despair in the eyes of a girl standing in a war zone, eyes that seem to trace the lyrics of an anti-war song. In Kohei Nawa's work, a stuffed doe is covered with transparent spheres that transform its existence into a "PixCell" (i.e., "picture" + "cell"). We invite you to explore the layered meanings in these and other works.

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Kankai Pavilion
A Bounty of Art
[Part I] September 16 (Saturday) - November 15 (Wednesday), 2017
[Part II] November 17 (Friday), 2017 - January 8 (Monday, national holiday), 2018

Over the long history of Japanese art, a great many painters have left behind a legacy of exquisite masterpieces. The Kano painters stand out as the largest school and one whose dominance lasted more than 400 years. One of the major centerpieces of the Hara Rokuro Collection is a series of picture scrolls originally created by Kano-school artists as fusuma-e (partition paintings) for the Nikko-in guest hall at Mifidera (Onjoji) temple. Japanese art evolved through contact with the culture of continental China, with the influence of one Qing dynasty painter, Shen Nanping, having a particularly deep effect on many Japanese painters such as Maruyama Okyo and Shiba Kokan. Kokan, who also researched Western-style painting and the use of oil paints, was a forerunner of modern painting in Japan. The richness of expression by this varied group of masters awaits you.

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SHOP@CAFE Flowers - Bewitching Forms, Beautiful Shapes by Satoshi Kanai
September 16 (Saturday) - November 8 (Wednesday), 2017
Venue: Cafe d'Art at Hara Museum ARC

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